Last Night A Vegan Saved My Life was born after my world caved in last year. I am a fit, healthy young woman who lost her mother to bowel cancer in November 2016. In February 2017 I was diagnosed with the same disease aged 30. After months of conventional treatment, surgery and chemotherapy I was hit with another blow, it had spread to my liver. So instead of surgery I opted to take things into my own hands. I changed my lifestyle substantially, I began eating a more plant based diet, cut down on alcohol and started boosting my immune system. I have now stabilised the disease, my fight isn't over but I have always loved partying and being at festivals, so thought why not bring some life saving food to a festival. Not only has it potentially saved my life, all of our food is a proven hangover cure!! 

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This is me!! 

My name is Ellie, come and say hi and have a party with us!